Today I’ll discuss whether you should sell your house now or wait until the spring.

For today’s topic, we will be discussing selling in the current market versus waiting until the spring. This is a topic I truly enjoy talking about.

I hear many sellers start saying around this time that they’re holding off until the springtime to list because there are more buyers, more opportunity, and so on. In reality, now is one of the best times to sell a house in the current market. 

In the autumn and winter, especially in our area, the buyers are sincere. You don’t have window shoppers stopping in just wanting to take a look around. You have people that are here for a reason, and that reason is to buy a house. 

Also, with all the sellers waiting until the spring, they’re out of your way, so there’s less competition. You are able to fully show off your house.

“Now is one of the best times to sell a house in the current market.”

Another key factor is the current interest rates, which are still extremely low. We don’t have a crystal ball that will tell us how rates will be in the spring. The fact that we know the rates are great now is an opportunity for you. 

In conclusion, I’m a fan of the current market for selling. Don’t wait! 

If you have any further questions about this or any other real estate topic, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. We would love to speak with you.