Here are five common home-selling mistakes you should avoid.

Are you looking to sell your home? It’s an exciting process, but it can be easy to make mistakes. That’s why today we want to go over five common home-selling mistakes for you to avoid: 

Mistake No. 1: Overpricing your home. We get it; you want to get the most money possible for your home. However, overpricing your home can hurt your marketing and your bottom line. A high price pushes buyers away, so there’s less opportunity for competition to naturally drive up the value of your home. 

Mistake No. 2: Waiting for the right time. If you listen to some people, the best time to sell is always right around the corner. However, if you know you want to sell and your home is ready, there’s no point in waiting. We know the current market is good for sellers, but we don’t know what the future holds.

Mistake No. 3: Overthinking it. Trust the process, interview agents, pick the person who is right for you, and let them do all the overthinking. 

“If you know you want to sell, and your home is ready, there’s no point in waiting.”

Mistake No. 4: Thinking the process is the same for everyone. Just because things went one way for your neighbor seven years ago doesn’t mean your home sale will be the same. Most people don’t sell homes every day, but agents do. Listen to their advice and understand that your situation might be different than others.

Mistake No. 5: Thinking the home has to be in perfect condition. Just because you forgot to make the bed one morning doesn’t mean the showing is ruined. Buyers understand that people live in the homes they view, so as long as you don’t have any glaring issues, you should be fine. 

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